Relax, rejuvenate, connect with your inner self



My first sound healing left me feeling weightless. I look forward to my next sound journey.

Naomi S

"I have lower back pain all the time and the sound journey helped relax me to a point where I forgot about the pain."

Steven S 

"My Avalon Sound Journey at Hanson Park was an experience my body immediately recognized as deep healing. Led by two skillful and heart centered practitioners, the song of the bowls syncs not only with the body, but with the Earth itself, the beautiful trees and sky overhead... The feeling of connection followed me into my workweek. It was pure joy!"

Anna J

The Avalon Sound Journey that Cheryl and Bridget share will bring your mind, spirit and body all together in such a beautiful and tranquil way. This really is a wonderful experience you won't want to miss.

Lori G


“I benefit from all the healing powers of the sound bath meditation with the added bonus of feeling that I belong to a community. Bridget and Cheryl are such caring individuals that as I am on my meditation journey, I feel the air filled with their love, kindness and generosity.”

Johanna A.