What is a sound journey?

A sound journey is a meditation experience.  Our facilitators use a variety of sounds (vibrations) which translate to the energy centers in the body (chakras).  These tones can help to calm the nerve system and regulate the body to a relaxed state. 

What instruments does Avalon Sound Journey use?   

Avalon Sound Journey uses a variety of instruments depending on request or atmosphere of the event.  These instruments include 432 hertz crystal singing bowls, 432 hertz crystal hand bells, hand percussion, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and drums if requesting a rhythm based event.  

What do we need for a sound journey experience?  

Our clients come with an open mind; a yoga mat; a pillow if needed; a blanket for warmth if preferred; or a chair of one’s choice if lying on the floor is too uncomfortable for the client.  

How much does Avalon sound Journey charge?  

We charge $30.00 for a one-hour group session per person. If a private sound healing is requested, we can discuss price according to event with consideration of driving distance, space involved, and number of people attending. 

Is an event with yoga available?  

Yes. Bridget is a teacher of yoga with 20 years' experience. Her website is YogaToGoNJ.com 


Our goal is to create a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere to help our clients feel a sense of peace, clarity and relaxation.   

Thank you,

Cheryl & Bridget